Goodbye CCD, Hello CMOS

After 12 years using my Atik 11meg full format CCD camera for Deep Space Astrophotography, it finally developed a Comms issue which meant it had ran its course. It was time for me to make the move from CCD to CMOS.

I have always used Atik, so I went for their new Apx60 full frame CMOS camera. I installed it 10 days ago, and so far the results are excellent. Its picking up fainter detail, quicker, and is very smooth. Each 32bit FIT file is 238MB, so plenty of hard drive space is needed.With the high QE, small pixels, and well depth, I should be able to half the time spent on the mosaics.

Also this camera will be a great fit for the TEC140 which I might switch out for Galaxy season in early 2023. The small pixels will give great resolution.

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