May 2019 Update: Update on the Remote Observatory

My remote Observatory in France is almost complete. After seeking the help from the Star Gazers Lounge Forum with Mount Issues, and Communications, it turns out that I had a Ground Loop problem on the USB comms cable from the Eagle to the Mesu.

I solved the problem by adding in an Opto-Isolator on the USB cable. This blocked the ground voltage that was interrupting the Comms. Some settings needed to be changed also on the Control and Settings for the Mesu SiTech Software to track the mount correctly.

The observatory works remotely now from my PC at home, and a first light test pic can be seen below.

I'm still learning the Automation side of SGP, and I hope to be soon fully Automated. For the moment I can run the observatory and monitor the actions from the sofa.

This is a huge step forward in imaging, allowing me to avail of the excellent dark skies, and many more clear nights than Ireland.

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