February 2020 Update: Cassiopeia 25 pane 350hr Mosaic!

I began taking the Luminance data for this Mosaic in 2016. This was done over holidays taken at Les Granges using the Dual Tak scope set up. All panes were taken manually. So each night I would align the telescope to the section of Cassiopeia I wanted to image. Once I was happy with the overlap of the stars to the previous pane imaged, I focused both scopes and started guiding. Constant checking on the focus was needed as the temperature dropped throughout the night.

Using the dual scopes over many holidays to Les Granges, I was able to complete the 25 Luminance mosaic. I stitched these frames into the base layer and lightly processed it as a single layer. I imaged some RGB panes in 2018 while beginning the Remote Observatory build, however some of these panes needed to be re-done due to high clouds.

The Remote Observatory came online in the Summer of 2019. Now imaging from Dublin whenever the skies were clear at Les Granges, I was able to collect all the RGB frames, Ha frames, and selected O3 data to complete all the data needed. The Breaking Wave Nebula at Gamma Cassiopeia which myself and Olly imaged gave additional Ha data.

<Link to mage to be added>

Equipment used
- Tak FSQ106N, and Tak FSQ106ED. 530mm focal length
- Atik 11000 CCD cameras
- LRGB Ha 3nm, and O3 7nm filters
- Imaged from 2016-2020
Objects visible
- Gamma Cassiopeia Nebula "Breaking Wave"
- M103, NGC 103, 129, 133, 146, 189, 225, 381, 539, 637, 663, 664 / 665, 7788, 7790
- Abell 85, Sharpless 170, 172, 173, 176, 179- 188
- Galaxy IC10, vdB1, vdB4, vdB6

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