Three Castle Head
Tom O'Donoghue

Three Castle Head

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On Mizen head West Cork, the 800 year old Three Castle Head, sits between a lake and the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. I have been taking night shots from this location a few times, but I never managed to find a good composition to shoot the Milky Way. Finally on this trip, I found a flat rock on the side of the hill, which allowed the Castle, Lake, Ocean and some of the Cliffs to be in the shot.


I had a clear night in late August which allowed me to catch the setting Milky Way in the South West


I used a star tracker to track the Milky Way, allowing me to take three min shots which I could then stack to get more detail. 


This picture has a single three minute exposure for the foreground, blended with 27mins of tracked and stacked Sky shots.


Equipment used: Canon Ra with 24mm Samyang lens, on Star Adventurer Tracker


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