Sagittarius Triplet
Tom O'Donoghue

Sagittarius Triplet

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The constellation of Sagittarius lies in the Summer Milky Way, and so when we view this region, we are looking towards the center of our galaxy. There are many deep sky objects in the constellation, of which the most famous are the Trifid, and Lagoon Nebulae.

The Lagoon Nebula is a large Emission nebula on the edge of naked eye visibility. The nebula also contains an open star cluster at its center. The Lagoon extends into NGC6559, and Emission Nebula with a Reflection Nebula at its tip. Just above the Lagoon Nebula, lies the Trifid Nebula. The Emission nebula part has a dark nebula at its core, which appears to split the Trifid into four sections. The area of sky in this photograph is very close to our Galactic center, and thus contains such a large number of stars. The brown background hue is due to the dust that lies along our line of site towards the center of the Galaxy. The upper part of the nebula is a beautiful bright Blue Reflection Nebula. Also at the top of the image is the Open Cluster M21.

Over the course of the six nights, five hours of Luminance data and two hours each of Red, Green and Blue filtered images, were combined to form an LRGB image of 11 hours in total.

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