Orion (M42) & Running Man
Tom O'Donoghue

Orion (M42) & Running Man

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The Orion Nebula (also known as Messier 42, M42, or NGC 1976) is an emission nebula situated south of Orion's Belt. It is one of the brightest nebulae and is visible to the naked eye in the night sky. The center of the nebula where 4 stars can be seen in the image are known as the trapezium and is clearly visible in a small telescope. The area of the trapezium is currently undergoing star formation, as the hydrogen gas is coalescing under gravity.

The Running Man lies just above the Orion nebula M42 and takes its name from the apparent shape of a man running. This reflection nebula appears blue because the blue light from the neighbouring stars scatters more efficiently from nebula than red light. The dark lanes are composed of mostly interstellar dust. Both nebulae are located at a distance of approximately 1,500 light years and is the closest region of massive star formation to Earth. The M42 nebula is estimated to be 24 light years across, and is the most photographed deep space object. They are best seen from the months November to February looking towards the South.

The picture consists of 250mins taken with a colour Atik4000 CCD camera and a Takahashi FSQ85 refractor. This was combined with 200mins taken with a mono Atik4000 CCD camera and Takahashi FSQ106N refractor.

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