Dunmore Head Dingle Peninsula
Tom O'Donoghue

Dunmore Head Dingle Peninsula

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As the Milky Way season for 2022 was drawing to a close, I took one last trip to Dingle to try a shot from Dunmore head on the Slea Drive.

I parked the car at the beach area, and hiked about 15 minutes to the top of the head overlooking the Blasket Islands. It was a clear night with some low cloud in the South, right in the way of where I was shooting, but these started to thin out just at the right time. These thin clouds helped by adding a 3D effect to the foreground of the final image.

I took a 2 pane panoramic foreground shot before it was dark. I took 5, single minute tracked shots of the sky in a two pane panoramic, which I was then able to blend together. I also took some 3 minute tracked shots later, which I was able to blend back into the main panoramic to bring out more detail of the Milky Way.

Equipment used: Canon Ra with Hutech HEUBIV-II filter and Samyang 24mm lens on a Star Adventurer tracker.

Note: All our prints are printed on Baryta 325g Paper, which is an excellent paper for framing. The paper is a gloss type, which gives very vivid colour views.