C2 Chromosphere and C3 Chromo Promiences
Tom O'Donoghue

C2 Chromosphere and C3 Chromo Promiences

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On the 21st of August 2017, there was a Total Solar Eclipse visible only in a 100km wide band across the United States from Oregon to South Carolina. I travelled to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to be in the shadow of the eclipse as it passed by at 1100kph.

A total solar Eclipse occurs about once a year, and it's the perfect alignment of the Moon passing in front of the Sun. This movement blocks out the Sun's light from a few seconds up to 7 mins. This eclipse lasted just 2mins 19s from my location on the day.

Just as totality of the Solar Eclipse began, known as Contact 2, and just as it was ending, known as Contact 3, I took two 1/1000s exposures. I have combined them both here to show the Suns Chromosphere on each side of the Moon. The Chromosphere is the Sun's atmosphere, and can only be seen like this during a Total Solar Eclipse. The large flare to the top right, is a Solar Prominence, a large gaseous ejection from the Sun's surface. Most loop back and recombine with the Solar surface, but some can break off into a Coronial Mass Ejection.

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