May 2019 Update: TEC Observatory

The Dual Tak observatory which was available to guests in France has now been changed to a Dual TEC manual observatory where we now have two 140mm TECs with a focal length of 1m gathering data on the same Mesu mount.

I did not have a spare camera to offer up so Steve Milnes has joined in as part of the team by donating his Moravian camera. We now share the data between the three of us.

The guiding is excellent with this set-up, and by moving up to 1m focal length this has now opened up a whole new list of objects for us to shoot. Its currently Galaxy season and we have captured many little fuzzies already. See Gallery for M101, M51, Draco Triplet, etc..

With Summer approaching the Milky Way has a range of nebula we can zoom in on. I’ll have to make some suggestions for the imaging wish list.

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