March 2018 Update: Star Trail Imaging on the Wild Atlantic Way coast

In March, I returned to Sherkin Island to try a Milky Way Arc shot from the Horseshoe Cove.

It was pouring rain on the 5 hour drive and boat trip to West Cork, but the forecast was for clearing skies. I went to the beach after a 2.5km walk with all the gear from the catering accommodation. I waited on the beach for over 3hrs!

Finally, with about 45mins before the skies brightened with the morning Sun, the clouds disappeared. This is the darkest area I have ever been to - this, despite the brightish glow on the left of the image which is from the mainland small town of Baltimore. The town is to the North East, and so out of view for regular Galactic Center images, but due to the 180 degree panoramic photo here, its lights can be seen as a glow on the horizon.

This is a stitched, 6-pane Panoramic shot of 20s each ISO 10000 and f/2.8 Canon 5D

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