December 2016 Update: "European Astronomy Picture of the Day" (EAPOD) website launched!


I'm excited to announce that a new EAPOD website has been created to promote Astrophotography and Astronomy in Europe, and to showcase the efforts of European Astrophotographers.

I was honoured to be asked to be a judge on the team.

As one of the ten judges, I review images on the Flickr page, and put forward my own suggestions on images that I think would be good to publish on the site. If the other judges approve of the suggestion, the image gets published (provided the photographer has given the go ahead to do so), together with a detailed write-up about the image content.

You can submit your images to our EAPOD Flickr group here

As an example of the quality of pictures which have already been submitted to EAPOD, here's a video showing the "Top 16 Most Viewed Pictures of 2016"... enjoy!

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