January 2014 Update: Astrophotography Workshops at the BBC Stargazing LIVE 2014 event

On January 9th 2014, I'll be giving 4 workshop talks with hands-on photography, at the BBC Stargazing Live 2014 event at The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Holywood.

The workshops will be entry-level and suitable for all ages, where I'll be teaching newcomers how to start in astrophotography. We'll be using DSLRs in this beginner's guide to taking the first photographs of the night sky.

The workshops are free and all are welcome, so why not come along and ask lots of questions, which I'll hopefully be able to answer! :)


  • BBC Stargazing LIVE website
  • More info on this Thursday's event in the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum (17:00 -> 22:00) and directions can be found here

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