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Mega Mosaic Prints (Baryta paper)

Both of the Mega Mosaics are printed on Baryta 325g Paper, which is an excellent paper for framing. The paper is a gloss type, which gives very vivid colour views.

For framed options, I use Art glass which is UV protected, and has an Anti-Reflective coating. I find this is great for viewing all the background dust and objects that can be seen throughout each of the images.

Orion Mega Mosaic pricelist

(Art glass)
1.8m x 1.0m850 EurosN/a
1.2m x 0.67m450 Euros950 Euros
0.76m x 0.42m (30 inch x 16.7 inch)225 Euros450 Euros
0.45m x 0.25m (18 inch x 10 inch)90 Euros200 Euros

"Starlight and Silhouettes" pricelist

(Art glass)
1.5m x 1.0m800 EurosN/a
1.0m x 0.67m425 Euros900 Euros
0.76m x 0.5m (30 inch x 20 inch)250 Euros425 Euros
0.45m x 0.27m (18 inch x 12 inch)90 Euros200 Euros

About Archival Pigment Prints

To transform my master digital file into a Fine Art Archival Pigment Print I spend many hours on each new picture with my professional printer Tony Murray of https://www.murrayimagingstudios.com, who is based in Naas, Co. Kildare.

We work closely together to ensure the colours, contrast, and quality is correctly and accurately represented in the final print. Each print is then produced using Epson HDR Pigment Inks printed on 190 g/m2 Archival paper. Each print is then personally signed by me and is supplied with the data information sheet(s) relative to that particular image.

Prints are available in a number of different sizes: 30"x20", 18"x12", 15"x15" and 10"x10" and they can be purchased as a print or framed (either with Art Glass, which is Non Reflective and UV protected, or regular glass) - details of the options are listed below:-

SIZE: 30 inches X 20 inches

Image namePrintFramed
(Art glass)
Andromeda M31 (Large format 2011)195 Euros400 Euros
Witchhead Nebula195 Euros400 Euros
Cone to Rosette Nebulae195 Euros400 Euros
Pleiades (M45)195 Euros400 Euros
Rho Ophuchi Nebulae195 Euros400 Euros
Orion's Belt & Sword195 Euros400 Euros
Sagittarius Triplet195 Euros400 Euros
Summer Horsehead Scorpius195 Euros400 Euros
Bubble to Cave Nebula195 Euros400 Euros

SIZE: 18 inches X 12 inches

Image namePrintFramed
(Art glass)
Andromeda M31 (Large format 2011)80 Euros200 Euros
Witchhead Nebula80 Euros200 Euros
Cone to Rosette Nebulae80 Euros200 Euros
Pleiades (M45)80 Euros200 Euros
Rho Ophuchi Nebulae80 Euros200 Euros
Orion's Belt & Sword80 Euros200 Euros
Sagittarius Triplet80 Euros200 Euros
Summer Horsehead Scorpius80 Euros200 Euros
Bubble to Cave Nebula80 Euros200 Euros
IC 447 Reflection nebula in Monoceros80 Euros200 Euros
NGC 2170 Reflection nebula in Monoceros80 Euros200 Euros
Messier 22 (M22) Sagittarius Cluster80 Euros200 Euros
Corona Moonshine80 Euros200 Euros
Corona No Moonshine80 Euros200 Euros
C2 to C3 Sequence Composite80 Euros200 Euros
Bailys Bead Composite80 Euros200 Euros

SIZE: 15 inches X 15 inches

Image namePrintFramed
NGC 217080 Euros200 Euros
Horsehead & Flame80 Euros200 Euros
Pinwheel Galaxy (M33)80 Euros200 Euros
Pleiades (M45)80 Euros200 Euros
Orion (M42) & Running Man80 Euros200 Euros
Reflection Nebula (M78)80 Euros200 Euros
Rosette Nebula80 Euros200 Euros
NGC712980 Euros200 Euros
C2-C3 Chromosphere80 Euros200 Euros
C3 Chromosphere with Bailys Beads80 Euros200 Euros
C3 Diamond Ring80 Euros200 Euros

SIZE: 10 inches X 10 inches

Image namePrintFramed
Horsehead & Flame50 Euros120 Euros
Pinwheel Galaxy (M33)50 Euros120 Euros
Pleiades (M45)50 Euros120 Euros
Orion (M42) & Running Man50 Euros120 Euros
Reflection Nebula (M78)50 Euros120 Euros
Rosette Nebula50 Euros120 Euros
NGC712950 Euros120 Euros

Framed Prints - Postage and Packaging charges

Currently, framed prints are available for collection at my exhibitions and any of my lectures.

Prints - Postage and Packaging charges

Prints are also available to purchase at my exhibitions and lectures. Where postage is necessary there is a postage and packaging charge of 10 Euros on 30x20" prints, and 5 Euros for 15"x15" and 10"x10" prints. (Multiple prints can be sent in a single tube.)
Please note: The tubes used for packaging are re-enforced cardboard tubes.

Please note: as our PayPal ordering system is coming soon, please contact me via email at [email protected] to discuss ordering and delivery options - thanks!