Comet Neowise
Tom O'Donoghue

Comet Neowise

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Throughout July 2020, Comet Neowise was a fantastic sight, visible without binoculars or a telescope. This Naked Eye object was low in the North when it became visible, and began to skim the Northern horizon shortly thereafter. For Ireland's Latitude, the sky never reaches Astronomical darkness during July.

So although very bright, there was only a small window of time for the skies to get dark enough to see it, then before it was lost in the murk low on the horizon. The comet's dust tail is seen when sunlight is reflected off the ejected dust as it approaches the Sun. The ion tail comes from the gases being ionised from the solar radiation, and shines in a vivid blue. It appears in a different plane which points directly towards the Sun. While the dust tail follows the path or orbit of the Comet.

On the 19th of July 2020, from 3 Castle Head in Cork, I managed to get 25mins of imaging on the Comet at 135mm on a star tracker. Having multiple frames to stack allowed me to get a cleaner photo, with less noise.

Equipment used: Canon 5D and 70-200mm lens.

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