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Talk on September 17th 2012 to Celbridge Camera Club

I gave a talk on my work to the Celbridge Camera Club on Sept 17th to a very receptive audience - thanks to everyone there for the hospitality and interest. More info can be found on http://www.celbridgecameraclub.net/?p=1843.

Previous Talks

CFCP talk on September 10th 2012
I gave a talk about my adventures in Astrophotography on Sept 10th 2012 at 7pm in the Centre for Creative Practices on 15 Pembroke Street Lower, Dublin 2. This was be a wide-ranging talk about astrophotography techniques, equipment, tips and tricks, with a Q&A at the end. Admission to the talk was free (but registration was recommended). More info and registration details can be found on http://www.cfcp.ie/events/sept2012/astro.html