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The photographs below were captured using a variety of equipment, including an FSQ106N and Atik 4000 & 11000 CCD cameras. You can read more about the equipment I use here.

Please note:-
Prints (framed and unframed) of all my photographs are available to purchase, and are available in different sizes (i.e. 30"x20", 15"x15" and 10"x10", as applicable) - Prices are listed here

Orion Mega Mosaic (available sizes and prices are listed here)

"Starlight and Silhouettes" (available sizes and prices are listed here)

Andromeda M31 (Large format) (Available in size: 30"x20")

Witchhead Nebula (Available in size: 30"x20")

Cone to Rosette Nebulae (Available in size: 30"x20")

Pleiades (M45) (Available in size: 30"x20")
This Pleiades picture was shortlisted for the "2012 Astronomy Photographer of the Year" competition, by the Royal Observatory Greenwich - it is also published on page 169 of their "Astronomy Photographer of the Year" book. More info here.

Rho Ophiuchi and Antares Nebulae (Available in size: 30"x20")
On August 28 2012, this photograph was selected as NASA's "Astronomy Picture of the Day" (APOD), as can be seen here.

BREAKING NEWS! on Sept 18 2013, this photograph was awarded 2nd place in the Deep Space category of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013 competition!

Orion's Belt & Sword (Available in size: 30"x20")

Sagittarius Triplet (Available in size: 30"x20")

Summer Horsehead Sporpius (Available in size: 30"x20")

NEW! Bubble to Cave Nebula (Available in size: 30"x20")

NGC 2170 (Available in size: 15"x15")

Horsehead & Flame (Available in sizes: 15"x15" & 10"x10")

Andromeda Galaxy (M31) (Not available for purchase anymore)

Pinwheel Galaxy (M33) (Available in sizes: 15"x15" & 10"x10")

NEW! NGC7129 (Available in sizes: 15"x15" & 10"x10")

Pleiades (M45) (Available in sizes: 15"x15" & 10"x10")

Orion (M42) & Running Man (Available in sizes: 15"x15" & 10"x10")

Reflection Nebula (M78) (Available in sizes: 15"x15" & 10"x10")

Rosette Nebula (Available in sizes: 15"x15" & 10"x10")

Trifid Nebula (Not available for purchase anymore)

Heart Nebula (Available in sizes: 15"x15" & 10"x10")