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My 2nd "Astrophotography" Exhibition is now over

Date: September 6-12th 2012
Location: The Centre for Creative Practices on 15 Pembroke Street Lower, Dublin 2


Please note: The gallery is located down the steps, below the street level.

Full exhibition details are available here

How long did the exhibition run for?
The exhibition ran for one week, from Sept 6th-12th, and I also gave a talk on astrophotography on Sept 10th at 7pm (details of the talk are here).

Where can I find more details on the exhibition?
You can find lots more info on the gallery's website page for the exhibition here.

Is it possible to purchase framed or unframed prints of the photos shown in the exhibition?
Yes! All sized prints are available to purchase (framed or unframed) either at the exhibition, or via email (tom@astrophotography.ie). Prices can be found here.


On August 28 2012, my Rho Ophiuchi Nebulae photograph was selected
as NASA's "Astronomy Picture of the Day" (APOD), as seen here
Rho Ophiuchi Nebulae (30" x 20")